Problem sleeping here’s 5 white noise apps to enhance sleep

Even while sleeping, the human brain registers and processes sound.

Even while sleeping, the human brain registers and processes sound. The National Sleep Foundation says “noise can jostle your slumber — causing you to wake, move, shift between stages of sleep, or experience a change in heart rate and blood pressure — so briefly that you don’t remember it the next morning.”

White noise can help. A 2005 study published in the journal Sleep Medicine determined it reduces the difference between background noise and peak noise, such as a door slamming. Asserts the NSF, which offers the study’s findings, ”… creating a constant ambient sound could help mask activity from inside and outside the house.”

While a fan, air purifier or plug-in sound machine all provide sufficient white noise, several free or minimal-cost apps assist as well. listed some in January, including these three, which offer a variety of white noise options:

‒ White Noise, available for 99 cents on App Store and Google Play; has 40 sound choices.

‒ Chroma Doze, free on Google Play; explained how it works: “This highly rated, Android-only app generates white noise based on an algorithm that you can control. Tweak the sound wave curve to get just the right kind of noise to help you sleep.”

‒ Sleep Fan, available for $1.99 on App Store or free on Google Play; it has low, medium or high speed sounds and several different tones to choose from. Or, record a favorite fan sound. adds Noise Generator (free) and Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds (free with ads, $2.49 without).

When establishing adequate white noise, National Sleep Foundation counsels: “You might want to experiment with the volume and type … or if you have a sleeping partner, the sound that works for both of you.”

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