Silk Road Movie in the Pipeline as Director Explains What to Expect

In 2012, one of the biggest drug raids in the dark web history was launched against the infamous Silk Road market place. The FBI seized a large number of drugs and bitcoins and arrested many vendors as well as the administrator on several charges. The mystery unfolded, in this case, has motivated a film director to tell this story through film in a few hours. Though the movie, which is entitled the ‘Silk Road,’ tells a story that is a bit different from what actually happened, it provides a clear overview of what goes on in the life of students and people who are caught in the web on the dark side of the internet, according to one source.

The Filmmaker and the Film

Director Pradeep Katasani is an engineering graduate who has always had a passion for crime thriller stories. According to his biography, he was born and raised in Hyderabad, India, but moved to the U.S. to chase his dream. Though he has featured a couple of short films, he finds the Silk Road story more intriguing to capture. In an interview, he said that the Silk Road story is his ‘baby,’ and the aftermath of the FBI closing down the website has been motivation to film the movie.

The movie is based on E. Mapache’s novel. At first, they planned to make it a six-episode series but later realized that it would be better to make the story into a movie. Pradeep said in the interview that he had been watching a series of films during his days at Hyderabad. In his observation, some students from the Telugu State became prey to the Silk Road market and found themselves as active members of various drug organizations. That did not end there as more and more Indians troop into the darkweb causing a general increase in users.

The movie will also be based on a Telugu student who had to travel to a foreign land to fulfill the dream of his parents. He said that a lot of Indian students have returned to their native land after falling prey to the educational scam.

According to Pradeep, a lot of things will go into the movie as they try their best to ensure that the movie corresponds to the 2012 setting of the dark web since a lot has changed over the years. The film, which is his Hollywood debut, will see Rakesh Galebhe, who was part of a few indie Telugu films, Mathew Fuentes, and Rajive Khilnani taking roles.

A similar movie was directed by Mark de Cloe which sought to produce a story of the actual incident of the Silk Road market. This movie focused on three people who were caught into the web of deceit and betrayal as they tried selling illegal drugs on the dark web.

Rahul Ramakrishna will also be making his Hollywood debut with the film. Pradeep admitted that he had watched a number of his films and he considers it an honor to have him on board. He hinted that the movie does not have a typecast hero, but Ramakrishna is expected to pull it off.

Talking about his future projects, he hinted that he has many ideas that will be soon made into movies. He expects to create something that will be a benefit to the Telugu audience. Clarifying the possible gap that exists between Hindi movies and U.S. movies, he explained that the possibility of a gap existing is real due to the difference of art and movies between the two countries. However, the frequent movie festivals organized have helped to narrow the gap.

Over the years, dark web related movies are becoming popular as more and more interests are expressed about the field. A couple of such movies include ‘The Unfriended’ which tells an interesting story about the dark web. Also, Silk Road-related movies are breaking out as more people find interest in telling the story that was unfolded in 2012.

After the Silk Road, the FBI has launched a series of attacks on other marketplaces such as Alphabay and Hansa, and it’s just a matter of time for a movie to be filmed based on these other cases.

by: Sam Jona

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